June 12, 2010

Brand New Logo

As it's summer I thought i'd give the logo a new, contemporary and current look and style.          

Previous logo: 
Even though I loved the older logo, I felt it wasn't me. It felt like a great graphic/typographic image, however, i wanted something which felt more me in terms of design; contemporary, a mix of typographic styles, nice balance of type and a great use of space around the logo. 
Here, I present the new logo. Overall, I love it ... however I know I'll probably end up changing it soon enough, let's hope not ey?

The new logo:
Any thoughts on the new logo? Comments are always appreciated :-)

June 10, 2010

Thursday 10th June 2pm - Peter Saville

Today marked one of the most iconic days for me, as a designer, as the man himself, Peter Saville, responsible for the artwork of Factory Records album covers of New Order and Joy Division (amongst a lot of design work) came into our college to do a Q&A/talk session. 

Peter Saville began by establishing that he was a "bad example" of a graphic designer, he considered himself a "designer of communication". 
He discussed his influences and inspirations to which he responded "everything i look at is inspiration, before the internet was extremely accessible I used to go into newsagents reading everything in magazines; to understand more about design and what I liked". 
When taking his degree at Manchester Polytechnic University (now known as Manchester Metropolitan University) he would look at everything with a "designer's eye" understanding what worked in design and how a designer had constructed a piece of work. 
He also touched upon his work with Factory Records/New Order/Joy Division, he expressed how at the time he made covers which he wanted to create with his own ideas, rather than being asked to do an album cover in a certain style; thus creating the extremely unique visual style that we all know and love. 
Saville also explained the idea that once you're not enjoying what you're doing anymore, move on. He admitted that he's turned down many clients due to not enjoying projects; "...i was in a meeting, during the time I worked in the fashion industry, and I wasn't enjoying what I was doing anymore, I'd grown out of it. The meeting was actually with Stella McCartney, she said "Peter, do you want to do this?" to which I replied "... not really no". I haven't worked in fashion for over 10 years. Once you stop enjoying what you love doing, it's time to do something else ...

It was extremely interesting and thought provoking listening to him speak about his time in design, his extreme passion and love for the art form is prominent when he talks about the work which he has produced. It was also nice to hear from not only a genius in terms of design, but from someone who has "been there, done that". An extraordinary talented and inspirational man.

As a fan of all things design-esque is was essential to attend this special talk to coincide with the events taking place in Macclesfield to commemorate the life of Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Over the coming months, the Joy Division events, will be taking place at the Silk Museum, Heritage Museum and around Macclesfield, Cheshire. The main Unknown Pleasures exhibition will showcase the music and lyrics of Joy Division, as well as personal exhibits, art and designs inspired by the band's music. 

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Unknown Pleasures Exhibitions, Macclesfield Silk Museum, July 29-August 7 2010.
For more information: http://www.joydivisionexhibition.com/

June 06, 2010

Shop Open for Business

The Shop is now open!

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