August 28, 2010

The Jessie Rose Trip - Bramhall, Stockport - 27th August 2010

Usually the British weather isn't very forgiving when it comes to outdoor gigs, but the weather held out yesterday evening as we watched one of the best Unsigned acts in the country; The Jessie Rose Trip. 

Made up of Jessie Rose on Lead Vocals, Guitar and Keys, James Wood on Drums and Backing Vocals and Mark Lewis on Bass and Backing Vocals, this three-piece band successfully mixes soulful vocals with Hendrix-esque guitar licks. 
Their music possessed so much variety and you can definitely hear a lot of vocal influences from 30s/40s soul and blues, mixed with 60s blues-rock guitar riffs and with a 2010 Indie spin it's extremely surprising that this band has not been signed yet.  
It's extremely hard nowadays to find a band with a front-woman who can sing live, and this band is by far one of the best. I'd say their energy and passion was prominent throughout their performances; each member complimented one another and they played an extremely good show. Seeing them play live was a great experience, I'd like to say seeing them live is far superior to their awesome studio music. 
This band is the one to watch.
Check out their music with the links below.
Music available from iTunes.

Article and Photographs copyright Hughes 2010.

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